What now indeed

Here at Hello Web we know as a technology driven company we deal with companies all over the globe wether it’s for software we use or industry standards that we need to adhere to or recruiting the best talent. So we feel as if we are part of a global business, it saddens us that barriers are being put back in place. Technology and the web have made the world a smaller more connected place. With the free movement of ideas and emotion circling the globe.

When I think of my everyday life now as apposed to what it was like 20 years ago I realise that everything I do is global, I email family who live abroad, I buy services online that are international, I post on Facebook and keep in touch with friends around the globe, I book holidays around the world and I do all this in what seems like a seamless process.

So what now for technology companies in the UK? Maybe it won’t effect us too much I’m not sure but then again neither does anyone else. I also feel aggrieved that young people in the UK won’t feel part of something bigger as I did when I grew up.

I know Brexit is a terribly emotive issue but I feel we are always stronger and more creative together than apart.