Top 10 Christmas Adverts 2016

Aldi Christmas

This seems to come out on top of the Christmas ads this year.
It’s all about Kevin the Carrots adventure at Christmas on his quest to see Santa. It’s really well animated and has supporting 10 and 20 second ads but our favourite has to be Kevin sitting down to watch the new John Lewis TV slot. It seems Aldi like doing parodies of John Lewis and it’s starting to become a tradition to match it at Christmas.

Sainsbury’s Christmas

Well Sainsbury’s certainly went to town this year with a beautifully animated advert, it even has it’s own song, sung by James Corden. The whole premise of the advert is about family and an animated man’s struggle to find more time to spend with them. While the advert is heart warming and definitely an event this Christmas it did feel like an animated short, top and tailed with a Sainsbury’s logo but that might be the Grinch in me finding fault. It definitely was a fine effort.

The Making of

Have a look at the making of the video.

John Lewis Christmas

The John Lewis advert launch has been a closely guarded secret every year and the launch is watched in great anticipation. This year was no exception and even had teaser videos placed months before under spurious accounts and names. When it did land it didn’t disappoint. A lovely story of a girl and her dog ‘Buster’ in the lead up to Christmas morning and the great reveal of a trampoline in the garden. But the night before Buster watches wild animals have a tremendous time on the trampoline. Christmas morning the little girl rushes to use her new present but Buster beats her to it, and the reaction captured on the girls face was priceless.

We also loved all the well thought out marketing support that went with this campaign from stuffed toys to snap chat filters.

Mulberry Christmas

We liked this ad just for how bizarre it was, with a slight tongue in cheek approach it does a new twist on the nativity scene. Visually building all the way through to leave us with a modern twist on a renascence painting of the nativity.

One Christmas Eve, a girl receives a Mulberry bag which causes some unexpected “visitors” to drop by and share in the wonder of a miraculous gift.

M&S Christmas

Another annually anticipated advert is the Marks & Spencer’s biggie. This year everyone seems to be giving a nod to the red clad big guy. But M&S nicely put Mrs Claus as the protagonist in their ad. Mrs Claus picks up on a missing request to save the day in style.

House of Fraser Christmas

For us this was a really standout campaign. From the music of British Artist Laura Mvula’s new version of ‘Ready or Not’ originally done by The Delfonics and released in 1996 by The Fugees. The whole campaign put a thoroughly modern twist on Christmas with a dream like nod to theatrical west end shows and Saturday night talent shows it worked really well. And the line ‘Christmas is coming for you’ smacks of children’s fairy tales. Christmas

We have to say we are slightly bias towards this advert as Very is one of favourite clients. But we loved this one and the theme of giving for the sake of giving is more poignant in these days of cut backs. The animation style and a very deliberate hat tipping to Disney’s Frozen was very nicely done.

H&M Christmas

Directed by Wes Anderson and starting Adrien Brody, this visually unique ad tells the tale of a group of stranded passengers having to have Christmas together on a moving train, made perfect by the trains guard and the music of John Lennon. Unusual but nice.

Littlewoods Christmas

One of our favourite clients picked up on Christmas traditions particularly ‘the Christmas walk’ that everyone does after their Christmas dinner. Decked out with all their new Christmas jumpers and presents the Littlewoods family strut there stuff down there road. This has a nice little homage to Shaun of the Dead in it as well which made this one of our favourites.

TK Maxx Christmas

Just for plain weirdness we loved this TK Maxx advert. We think it has to be seen to be understood and a written description won’t do it justice, so please give it a watch.