Website development

Here at Hello Web we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality website development solutions possible. Even though you may never look under the hood of your website, we believe it should be perfect. Not only does it help speed up your site but it also helps with the interaction and SEO when it goes live. It may be gobbledygook to you but we are proud of it.

Responsive development

We all consume the web on multiple devices these days so your online presence needs to be consistent from platform to platform. With statistics showing that over 75% of us have smartphones and over 57% of us accessing the internet on such devices on a daily basis, we create websites that are developed to be ‘responsive’. This means no matter what device you view your website on it works seamlessly. So you never miss an opportunity to present your services or products to a growing audience.

As smartphones become ever more embedded in our lives, we see new opportunities and challenges for the mobile sector, retailers, advertisers and beyond.

What are the benefits?

  • Works on web enabled devices such as iPhones, Android devices, tablet computers and, well the list is growing all the time.
  • Some people may only have access to a mobile web device. That’s a big chunk of the population.
  • People have also changed the way they surf these days, it’s not uncommon to watch TV while surfing on a mobile device, so your information needs to be clear and easy to navigate.

We get asked all the time to extend functionality of existing websites by adding on extra whistles and bells, it may be a size calculator for a fashion blog or a way to track images and copy for celebrities for approval. Always unique and always finding simple solutions to complex issues.

We have worked with several European brands that have invested heavily in off the shelf back end systems which lack the ability to look unique and convey their brand values. So we have worked closely to refresh and re-skin the graphic look of the site, leaving the functionality intact.

We have created Blogs for lots of people and brands and they are a great way to inform your audience of current events and in turn feed to your site, your Twitter and your Facebook.

If cost is a big factor for your website then we also offer off the shelf packages that adhere to exacting industry standards. We have found in the past that this route has been great for first time or interim websites. The functionality may be limited in some respects but the CMS is very user friendly and quick amends can be done on a daily basis by anyone.

Adobe® Flash is a stable tool for all web developers and we are no exception. We have developed on line tools, games, applications and websites based in Adobe® Flash and found it to be a fantastic environment to build immersive and intelligent experiences.