Facebook marketing

Facebook now has over 1.59 billion monthly active users. Major brands have seen that this is a great way to have a one to one relationship with customers. We work with some of these big brands to develop strategies to engage and influence how they are perceived at grass roots level. From competitions and games to improving likes and shares. We are convinced if you have a need for a Facebook strategy we can help. We have built and served campaigns that have had great success with thousand of entrants and tens of thousands of real ‘likes’.

Creating engaging content on these platforms is key, just as it is with website content. Whether activity is used as a key piece of a wider campaign, or to generate presence on this channel, we develop concepts that work.

We track and monitor the reach of each campaign and can tweak these campaigns at key junctions throughout their life span.

If you need a Corporate Facebook page setting up we can help. With our extensive experience we will make the process as simple as possible. We can even organise social updates that will keep your audience up to date with everything you do.
With Facebook changing the way brands can build Apps on it’s platform we have moved with the times and still have ways to drive people to your promotions and activity. wether it’s linking to micro site or using the new Facebook Canvas ad builder. We have a wealth of experience with Facebook. Our clients have us designing and building them on a weekly basis. We do all this and track all data concerning the reach and scope so they can see how effective the return on investment (ROI) is for each activity.
Targeted advertising can be very effective on Facebook plus Facebook are developing new and exciting ways to influence your customers.
With big changes on Facebook we always try to keep one step ahead and invest in development of any new advances on Facebook. The new Facebook Canvas app is one of those new technologies that we are developing for and always keen for our clients to use the latest ways to engage with their customer base.